black-sun.png A hundred years ago, everyone thought that the Cataclysm was the worst thing that could happen. The Big Bombs fell, cities died, civilization fell to ruin, and Mankind was thrust toward extinction.

But they were wrong.

Not long after, a Shadow eclipsed the sun, turning it black. Impossibly, light still emanated from the shadowed disk, but it was brown, sickly, and unwholesome. The sun’s gentle warmth became a hellish furnace, destroying life and transforming the landscape into a bone-strewn dustbowl. From this Shadow, dark things were born.

Now, the desperate survivors of a world plunged into madness pick their way through the rubble of civilization and fight for their lives against bloodthirsty warlords, degenerate mutants, and rapacious biker gangs.

Whispers from the Shadow spill ancient secrets long-buried. They speak of mind-bending, world-altering sorcery, of beings once lost to the world and terrors long forgotten within the light of Civilization returning… and slowly drowning out all of these whispers, the maddening buzz that heralds the coming of The Demon Lord rises.

Into the Fire

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