Size: 1
Strength: 11 (1) Agility: 13 (3) Intellect: 12 (2) Will: 12 (2)
Speed: 10 (0)
Languages English, Latin, Dark Speech
Story Freak
Professions Religious Soldier, Theologian, Charlatan
Paths Novice: Priest, Expert: Assassin, Master: Apocalyptist

Defense 13
Health 46
Healing Rate 11 (1/4 of max)

Power 4
Insanity 0
Corruption 4

Assassinate- When a surprised creature or a creature from which you are hidden takes damage from your attack, it must make a strength challenge roll. On Failure, it takes damage equal to it’s health
Disguise Expertise- If you own a disguise kit, you can use an action to expend a use from the kit to don a disguise
Quick Reflexes- You can use a triggered action on your turn to hide or retreat
Determined- When you roll a 1 on the die from a boon, you can re-roll the die and choose to use the new number
Manufacture Poison- 1 action & alchemist kit; 1 minute concentration; 5cp
Fearsome Casting- When casting a forbidden spell, choose one target creature within short range that can see you. Target must get success on will challenge roll or become frightened for a number of turns equal to power

1 Knife (Str): 1d3
1 Hammer (Str): 1d3;
2 shot Durrenger (Agi): 2d6
6 shot Revolver (Agi): 2d6
1 Katana (Agi): 1d6 +2
1 Man’s Ruin (Str): 2d6

Disguise Kit
4 Sticks of Dynamite
1 Meal, 1 Water Ration, 1 Battery
Theology Book
Suit of Leather Armor (Agi +2)
Bloodstained Stuffy Animal
Roll of 48 Trash Bags
Alchemist’s Kit
Book from Babylonian Prince (Marduke, Son of Enkil?)
Vials of Poison: 5

Appearance: Several attractive physical qualities that make Eadric quite comely

Personality: Do good, bend laws when necessary

Background: Did something stupid and people died (+2 Insanity)

Positive: Thistlefoot (Faries have been known to associate with Satan)
Neutral: Redbrand
Negative: Conrad (His Transcended Ass, anyway… How can people worship them?)

Prayer X2 per rest
Shared Recovery x2 per rest



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