Ella Fraser


Strength 13 (+3)
Agility 12 (+2)
Intellect 10 (+0)
Will 10 (+0)
Perception 11 (+1)
Defense 13 (1/2 Firearm Damage)
Health 45
Heal Rate 4
Size 1
Speed 10
Power 0
Insanity 0
Corruption 0
Languages English

Personality Might makes right
Religion The New Sun
Age 32
Build Tall
Appearance Attractive quality: Eyes

Geographer, Soldier, Tracker


Axe: 1d6
Knife: 1d3
Flame Sword (Brisingr): 1d6 + 2

Clothes, Undercover vest, 2 plastic walmart bags, 1 meal, 1 water, 1 gallon of fuel, a six pack of demonic
Hobo beer, and A roll of expired magnum no spermicidal condoms

-Wilderness Guide & Hunter
-Catch Your Breath: Use one action to heal
-Weapon Training: +1 boon to attacks
-Combat Prowess: +1d6 damage
-Forceful Strike: 20+ attack roll = +1d6 damage
-Alertness: +1 boon to perception, cant be surprised
-Hunt Prey: +1 boon on attacks/tracking prey
-Determined: re-roll a boon if it comes up a 1
-Combat Expertise: +1d6 damage or attack a second target
-Expert Guide: Always know north, always retrace steps, AOP
-Expert Tracker: Int roll success learn 1 TRUE thing about tracks

Character Objective- You want to find a specific relic
Character Intro Story- Joined up with a roving band of marauders and had to fight to stay alive.

Negative Bond Eadric
Positive Bond Thistlefoot


Ella Fraser

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