Size 1
Strength 13, Agility 14, Intellect 10, Will 10
Perception 11
Defense 15
Health 27
Healing Rate 6
Speed 10, Power 0
Insanity 0, Corruption 0
Languages Elvish, English
Professions Thug
Immune damage from disease; charmed, diseased
Iron Vulnerability Norkie is impaired while in contact with iron.
Shadowsight Norkie sees into areas obscured by shadows as if those areas were lit.

Steal Identity Norkie can use an action to alter her appearance to match that of a target living creature she can see within short range. The target must be Size 1 or 1/2 and have a humanoid shape of flesh and blood. Her body changes so she look like the target, though her clothing and possessions remain unchanged. The effect lasts until she uses this talent again. If she becomes incapacitated or is touched by an object made from iron, Norkie immediately reverts to her normal appearance.

Catch Your Breath Norkie can use an action or a triggered action on her turn to heal damage equal to her healing rate. Once she uses this talent, Norkie cannot use it again until after she completes a rest.

Weapon Training When attacking with a weapon, Norkie makes the attack roll with 1 boon.

Combat Prowess Norkie’s attacks with weapons deal 1d6 extra damage.

Forceful Strike When the total of Norkie’s attack roll is 20 or higher and exceeds the target number by at least 5, the attack deals 1d6 extra damage.

Berserk When Norkie takes damage and she is not fatigued, she can choose to go berserk. She remains berserk for 1 minute or until she become unconscious. When the effect ends, she becomes fatigued for 1 minute and must make a Will challenge roll. On a failure, she gains 1 Insanity. While she is berserk, she has the following benefits and drawbacks:

  • She gains a +10 bonus to Health.
  • She cannot become charmed, compelled, or frightened.
  • She makes attack rolls with 1 bane.
  • Her attacks with weapons deal 1d6 extra damage.
  • She must use an action each round to attack, using charge if necessary.

Fury Unleashed When Norkie goes mad, she goes berserk even if she is fatigued. At the end of each round while she’s berserk, the GM rolls a d6. On a 5 or higher, the madness ends. If Norkie was fatigued when she went berserk, she takes 1d6 damage when the madness ends.

Iron Hide While Norkie is not wearing medium or heavy armor, she has a +1 bonus to Defense.


Norkie is wild and impulsive. She enjoys taking on forms that let her work mischief. She likes the form she has created for herself best, that of a hybrid between her mother, an unnamed nymph, and her father, Redbrand.

Norkie has a terrible temper, but she has begun to lose control. When she flies off the handle, she froths at the mouth and all she can see is red.


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