Into the Fire

To Meet His Gaze Invites Madness

The huge common hall glowed with the light of torches set into the walls. A great cauldron bubbled in the center of the room, and on the opposite end of the massive iron double doors rested a throne made from the skulls of hundreds of men, and other things. Writhing flesh glistened in the torchlight, and the cacophonous music of lust filled the air. Hands groped for whatever they could find purchase upon as the massed revelers joined in their frenzied copulating.

Ravash the Breeder stood to one side, watching the work his potions were doing. He performed the bidding of his Master with relish.

A loud clacking of bootheels announced His presence in the hall. Ravash lowered his eyes. To meet His gaze was to invite madness.

A voice, buzzing with the tones of a hundred different vocal cords (some not even human) working all at once, spoke out over the din. The revelers did not stir from their frenzied coupling as He spoke.

“So, there are some new souls who wish to pledge, and in return gain my favor and patronage?”

Ravash nodded, his face lowered towards the ground as he replied to his Master.

“Yes, Mighty Ochre Lord. An ”/characters/redbrand" class=“wiki-content-link”>ork, a dwarf, a Transcendant One, a pale Satanist worm, a ranger, a cyclops and his fish friend, an engineer, and a pixie have all recently arrived. They have been quartered here, awaiting your return and audience. And, my master… a Jotun has been sighted outside of the Walls."

“Such a curious group,” the alien voice uttered in response, “These times make for strange bedfellows indeed. Send for them.”

“As you wish, my Master,” Ravash replied, and turned on his heel to do as his Master bade.


Maded Maded

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