Into the Fire

And Its Name is...

“So what are we up against?” The Ochre Lord growled at Sallow.

The imp chuckled and sauntered about the throne of the Pit Boss.

“They have procured an alliance with a dragon, Lord!” Sallow cried gleefully, after it had finished its widdershins circle of the creature enthroned before it.

“A what? The dragons died long ago, you stupid creature!” The Ochre Lord roared.

“Not this one, Lord. He has watched and waited for the return of Magick. He has friends, powerful friends. A wizard unparalleled, a Fae Lord, one of the Nine Cats. They are friends to mankind, all!”

“Oh, and one of them has the Blade of Lucifer, I should add,” Sallow giggled.

The Ochre Lord rose from his throne.

“We need to kill them all before this gets out of hand! Call the other Bosses. A Summons is necessary, one that I cannot complete on my own. We will need a sacrifice, to fuel it. Fire the missile upon Crossings. Set this world ablaze!”

“You would not dare summon that?” Sallow asked incredulously.

“Imp, what is this dragon’s true name? At least you have that much?” the Ochre Lord raged as he stormed towards the exit from his chambers.

“Why, it’s Sagharthosin,” Sallow grinned behind a cupped hand,

“It’s Mirth, my lord.”

The Ochre Lord wrung his hands fiercely as he passed through his portal. A howl that could wake the dead rung out through the night air of New Vegas.


Maded Maded

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