The Scorched Earth


Everything you could possibly imagine about a world that is sane, and comparably safe. The nation-states of one hundred years ago died one hundred years ago with the Cataclysm.


Some new communities have sprung up as survivors band together, but they are few and far between. Chief among those settlements known as trade-towns is The Springs. The majority of the ruins of the old cities are haunted by monsters, looters, and savages. Outside of these areas, a few scattered warlords have set up their domains and protect them by force of arms, and roving gangs take from those who cannot defend themselves.

Another well-known city is Crossings, famed for its neutrality among the warring factions of this deadly new world. A military order protects the city-state from incursions.

New Vegas is a great walled city. Many who would win status as citizen of New Vegas live in the shanty-towns outside of and against the walls. Those who have won citizenship through the purchase of a yearly chit live in opulence within the walls, devoting their lives to the pursuit of sins sanctioned by the Pit Bosses such as lust and greed. Rumor has it that the Pit Bosses are not human.

The Scorched Earth

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